Build a startup team with a common goal

What is one of the most common reasons for a startup to fail? Failure to execute. And the ability to execute is based on who is on your startup team and how you work together with shared OKRs.

Execution speed is everything. As a startup, you have a higher burn rate than your revenue. This means you are living on borrowed time. You need to do the right things in the right order with the right processes.

Each company goes through stages of maturity. Your startup’s team should organize and operate based on what stage you are at. Setting up your startup team structure correctly from the beginning will allow you to move to the next stages with less friction.

Your culture is built from day one. It is the stories you tell each other and the behaviors your reward. The people you recruit to your startup team now will be the baseline for the talent you will be able to attract later on. Top talent wants to work with top talent.

I can help you get everyone on your team to agree on your priorities. No matter if you are only 2 people or already have multiple teams in place. I can help you define your OKRs (Objectives and Key Results), and how you should set up your startup company structure with roles and responsibilities. And establish a culture of transparency and feedback.

Articles on how to increase startup team performance

In these articles, you can learn about how to best work together as a team. There is also material on how to lead yourself more effectively. Leading yourself is the first step in being able to lead others. 

9 Tips On How To Be More Effective

9 Tips On How To Be More Effective

Stop putting out fires and playing catch up with your work. Get inspired how to be more effective with these tips on how to organize your work.


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